About Us

Fusion is an international reputed GPS Tracking and Internet of Things (IOT) solutions Provider, licensed by Communication Media Commission of Iraq (CMC), offering world-class GPS Tracking and IOT solutions that help clients track and manage Vehicles, Students, field Workers, Diesel Generators, Batteries, Solar panels, ATMs and Industrial Machines.

Fusion provides real-time live tracking, history with playback, numerous alerts, fleet management and various reports that improves your business performance and customer service tremendously.


To provide top quality professional GPS and IOT Solutions to customers.

To provide best and competitive pricing compared to competitors.

To have keen observation over products & technology trends and move with those trends.


We always work ethically and professionally and so we carry out our business with integrity.

We practice "Everything is Marketing " Philosophy & so we understand everything related to our product.

We are responsive, approachable and friendly and thus we prefer customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

We are proficient in our work and hence we prefer To Do than To Talk.

We work actively to achieve our goal that is Customer Satisfaction.