Sales & Professional Tracking


Sales & Professional Tracking system is quite similar to personal tracking which is used to track sales personnel and other professionals. Here also we real time monitor the location movement crack history and safety of them.

GT 300 personal tracker specifically used for this application to real time monitor and track sales persons and professionals.


Personal tracker with advance telecommunication system used to monitor live track the persons and get reports for the benefits of administrator or controller.


Real time monitoring

Live and real time monitoring of sales persons and professionals for their movement along desired path so as to ensuring the progress and finishing of task.

Track from anywhere

There is no need to worry about the progress of the task expected to deal by your subordinates, as you watch from your position.


With the track history available or according to your wish you can change the route in order to reduce the time of travel and to finish the task Successfully

Watch mode

This is a separate feature available in our software to activate notification alerts or to function in silent mode of watching location and travel.


Well designed advance software provided with notification option when there is violation in Geo zone movement trafficking, and any undesired movement.


Administrator can call to the personal directly through voice call feature available in system as default for conformation or simply for discussing.


Status monitoring
Personal GPS tracking system ease know the status or progress of task assigned to particular person.
Route verification
Manager or administrator can verify the route of travel by which the Asset with person moving on.
By enabling watch mode option in software notification will be delivered to the administrator for change in activity of tracking.
Assets safety
Owner or administrator can ensure the safety of assets and person by continuous monitoring through the tracker.
Geo zone alerts
System will provide alarms and alerts when the person goes away from expected geo zone, to notify the administrator.
Two way communication
Like voice call, GPS tracking system also provide voice calling as additional communication between administrator and professional.